Happy New Year lovely people.Its a new year can not beleive how fast 2016 has braced our presence : Resolutions>💪💪 => Feed my Faith And Starve My Doubts =>Be Better => Happiness Well alot has been happening with me..handling alot of projects..working with a big music label 💃✋Yaas!  soon to be out.Well this is the … More Am A DOER.


Hello Style Lovers Am Excited about This Post Today Because Am Talking About My Pair Of  Espadrilles Another Orgasmic Comfortable pair in My Shoe collection…..💃💃🙌🙌 classic Feminine Trend 😍 As of lately, with all this athletic trend happening and the invasion of sneakers of all sorts, slip-ons & any possible flat shoe you can think … More ESPADRILLES X CARAMEL


Hello my style lovers hope y’all are having a lovely week I apologize for not posting lately blame super series of activities I have been having. Anyway Work hard everyday And trust God’s Timing. So let’s talk about my sleeveless cardigan today the feeling is Extremely Classy LONG cardigans from knee-lengths to floor-lengths are massive, … More FETCH CARDIGAN